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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Opposing Views on Gold and GOOG

I have recently been critical of both gold and Google (GOOG). In the interest of presenting multiple views, here are a couple of articles disagreeing with what I have been saying lately.

Gold: http://money.uk.msn.com/investing/articles.aspx?cp-documentid=154762364

The basic premise here is that since we are still at a time when central banks seem to be focused on devaluing their currencies in order to boost exports. I would agree that in the short run this provides some support to gold. Still, I don't buy the win-win scenario for gold because if gold is truly an asset class for all seasons, even a marginally efficient market would have already priced it as such. The risk to gold is that if stable economic growth is restored without an major outbreak of inflation it will suffer horribly. A restoration of 2-3% inflation is not bullish for gold. However, this author makes his case and it helps to have opposing views.

Google: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/cody/2010/09/23/googles-headed-to-2000-heres-why/

Now, there the author says that Google is going to $2000 a share by 2020, which would be about a 4x increase. I actually don't doubt that as a possibility, but I would be inclined to take the under on that one. There is plenty of upside for Google and it is true that the major trends are with them, but a decade is a long time in information technology and Google seems somewhat undisciplined in terms of achieving good operating results. I do think that Google makes a great deal of sense as a long term holding as I have a hard time figuring how it doesn't outperform the overall market over the next several years. Google just frustrates me because they could be more profitable than they are if it was a more professionally managed company.

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