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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Goldman Sachs: Good at making money for themselves. Their clients... not so much

There is a very interesting story from Bloomberg. This is somewhat outside the purview of this blog, but still it is an interesting story that should warn people against listening to what the big firms have to say.

I guess the other piece of advice I have for all of those who consider themselves beginners and don't know this, always read Bloomberg every morning, afternoon, and evening. It is far and away the best financial coverage out there, particularly when you want some coverage of foreign markets.


  1. I will take a contrarian position. I think reading Bloomberg too often will only lead to personal stress and will most likely make you trade too often. You should plan on being it in for the longrun, then all that day to day stuff is just noise.

    I only follow things weekly, I get an email on Friday from Marketwatch.com which has the top ten business news stories of the week. Unless you are going to go to BQ dedication levels, I think following daily is too much, and weekly is the most you should check.

    If you are really worried about missing something important, you can use Marketwatch.com and other services to send you email alerts when something big happens.

  2. Side Note:
    BQ can you add a few things to the blog? I think it would be nice to have a button on the side so people can sign up for RSS. Also, I would add a search button. Just click on add gadget and they should be some of the top choices.

  3. I made the additions along with adding quotes for the big 3 indexes. The were some other finance gadgets that I may go with instead in the future, but I need to play with them a little.