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Friday, May 28, 2010

End of Month Open Thread

Well, it's been quite a month for the markets and I hope that those of you who were unfamiliar with financial markets have learned something here. This open thread is a chance to share your thoughts, experiences, suggestions, or whatever else you feel like.


  1. I'll confess that May was pretty brutal to the old portfolio. My speculative positions dropped about 13%. My core positions were down around 5%. My meso-portfolio and exploratory portfolios were down around 7%.

    On the whole, most of it held up surprisingly well all things considered.

  2. It turns out that I am in water too shallow to divide my holdings such. Considering how much I spent buying in, I'm at virtually the same place I started.

    I should take this opportunity to renew my commitment to this dialogue. BQ, you've been pulling a lot of weight here and I feel as though I'm only just learning how to speak this language. Still, just because what I say or ask could be silly or have a pretty easy answer does not mean I should not still post it (thanks, 3rd grade lesson).

    Now that we're really getting rolling here, though, I will have a new proposal for Finance Monitor in the near future. I've some more information gathering to perform, but I think I've an intriguing concept for our consideration. Stay tuned.

  3. I look forward to your suggestions. I always look forward to a nice, open discussion of what can be added in the future.

    By the way, being where you started compared to the market since then is not all that bad, actually. I think you bought in just before the mid-January through early February sell-off and the market is down about 4% since then, maybe a little more. Incidentally, given that MICC is denominated in Euros, I would have expected it to get hit a lot worse than it has. This may be a promising sign going forward.