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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm not sure that these people care about the price of gasoline


I always love to thumb through this list to see if there are some executives of companies that have not been performing too well on here. Michael Dell jumps out. That he has almost $15 billion is a crime considering that stock performance. There are also always the Walton kids who simply won the genetic roll of the dice. Rupert Murdoch hasn't delivered much to his shareholders in nearly 20 years and yet still seems to do just fine, somehow.

The other thing I always find amazing on these lists are the numbers of brothers, twins, or other relations that pop up. There are the Kochs, Ziffs, Waltons, and Strungmmanns among others.

Then, of course, there is my personal favorite, which is George Lucas, sitting atop his $3.2 billion. Frankly, I think he should take about half of that and reimburse people for seeing his awful prequel trilogy, but we all decided to pay him the price of admission... and the price of the DVDs... and the price of various computer and video games. Okay, he deserves every dime he has. The man's a genius at making money.

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